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SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - OUR ALE SELECTION Tradition, Beers and Brewing   All Pen-lon ales are bottle conditioned and matured to develop the flavours  typical of this traditional brewing method.  Brewed using barley malt  grains, whole hops, yeast, water and natural flavourings such as honey. Ramnesia Strong Ale 5.6% abv True Taste Bronze Award.  A dark  ruby colour ale thick with a malty  nose and satisfying bitter hop finish.   An ale to savour at your own pace. Tipsy Tup Pale Ale 3.8% abv Light bodied with a herbal, spicy, hoppy  finish and sweetish fruity touch.  A  drinkable friendly ale.  Pen-lon Pen-lon Cottage Brewery Cottage Brewery GIMMERíS MISCHIEF Bottle Conditioned PREMIUM ALE 5.2%   ABV 50 c l Gimmers Mischief 5.2% abv True Taste Bronze Award.  Bright  golden ale with a spicy caramel nose  and a hint of orange.  Dry malty taste  with a very light hoppy finish. T HE BREWERíS FAVOURITE SERVING METHOD Chill, then decant  beer carefully into a pint jug  leaving sediment in bottle.  Let it stand at  room temp for 5 - 10 mins. (Optional).   When  you canít wait any longer pour into a half pint  glass to give a thick and creamy head.  Enjoy!  Cheers! A L L   G R A I N   B E E R Cottage Brewery Cottage Brewery Pen-lon Pen-lon 50 cl BOTTLE CONDITIONED 4.2% ABV HEATHER     HONEY ALE HEATHER     HONEY ALE Lambs Gold Light Ale 3.2% abv True Taste Gold Award. Light on  alcohol.  Malty taste with undertones  of hops and light notes of orange  and citrus. Ewes Frolic Lager 5.2% abv A clear golden lager with an amber  malt hue.  Light, smooth and  sparkling with a full continental saaz  flavour finish. Heather Honey Ale 4.2% abv A light golden ale brewed with real  heather honey.  Slightly sweet aroma  with the full flavour of heather honey  coming through. Stock Ram Stout 4.5% abv Roasted barley nose with a slightly  bitter flavour.  Dry roasted bitter  finish with traces of coffee. Cardi Bay Best Bitter 4.0% abv An golden amber bitter, with spicy  hops, malt and citrus fruit in the  aroma. A refreshingly clean taste  holding a hoppy  bitterness in the  flavour. WELSH   REAL ALE   in a bottle Make an event of it.  Try one  served from a jug Twin Ram India Pale Ale 4.6% abv True Taste Judges Commendation.  A  pale amber colour ale with a clear mix  of malt and hops in the nose. BEST BITTER Bottle Conditioned Pen-lon Pen-lon Cottage Brewery Cottage Brewery CARDI CHOCOLATE  STOUT A L L   G R A I N   B E E R CHOCOLATE  STOUT Pen-lon Pen-lon Cottage Brewery Cottage Brewery 50 cl BOTTLE CONDITIONED 4.5% ABV BAY Chocolate Stout 4.5% abv True Taste Judges Commendation. A  solid milky stout with real dark  chocolate giving a lovely chocolate  finish.